Oh, South Africa...
Some 20 banded mongoose staged a hysterical interruption at the Nedbank Golf Challenge this week when they came bounding across the green at the Sun City Country Club. It's unclear where the furry horde came from, but it's likely the animals scurried in from nearby Pilanesberg Game Reserve. Much to the relief of the commentators, the intrusion didn't interfere with players' balls. 

Because of their tolerance for various habitats, banded mongoose have adapted to life beside their encroaching human neighbours, and they're known for their daring road crossings and forays into garbage. In their wild range, they feed mostly on insects and live out their days in groups (called "mobs") of up to 40 individuals. Whether it's big cats or flying golf balls, there's safety in numbers. Fore!

Not enough mongoose hilarity for your weekend? We've got you covered! This mob of banded mongoose made a camera-trap appearance near Zimbabwe's Lokuthula Lodges:
Top header image: rikdom, Flickr