When UK Wildlife photographer Andy Howard set up a camera trap in badger territory, he knew he'd stumble on some fun footage. And the badgers didn't disappoint. One striped bandit even offered a lesson on letting it all hang out. Sure, foraging for food is important, but sometimes, so is a nice belly scratch...


When we think of nature's neat freaks, animals that live in underground tunnels don't usually come to mind. But from now on, you can put badgers at the top of the list – they're preening machines!

Mustelids (the group that includes otters, polecats, ferrets and the wolverines) keep a tight ship. They even go as far as removing old grass and other materials from their subterranean homes (called setts) to prevent the buildup of fleas and lice. And that can mean cleaning tunnels over 50 metres long!

The critters even use a communal bathroom of sorts that’s kept far from home, and refrain from eating indoors. As for keeping your own coat clean, that's of paramount importance (for all the belly-scratching action, skip to 0:30):


Top header image: Tim Brookes/Flickr