How far would you be you willing to go for some tasty baked treats? The lure of deliciousness was strong enough for this badger to risk sneaking into a home in West Sussex, England to help itself to a serving of Bakewell tart (straight out of the packaging, we might add). The thieving badger managed to enter the kitchen using a cat flap, before prying open the fridge to get at the tart. The only problem? It was all caught on camera ...

Footage of the burglary was captured by the owner of the house, who had reason to suspect who the culprit might be. Only the night before, the same badger had broken in to brazenly steal a dozen eggs, devouring them shells and all. Hearing commotion in the kitchen the following night, the home-owner quickly grabbed his camera to catch the badger with its paws in the cookie jar.

"People often think that badgers are timid creatures that you only see in the garden at night so this is certainly a shock to see one coming so boldly into a house – especially on two occasions," the home-owner's niece told the Telegraph

Undeterred by the interruption, the bold badger attempted yet another heist moments later only to find the cat flap had been locked. "We should treat badgers with caution and respect, as they can bite if cornered, but hopefully the footage shows what wonderful characters they can be too. They are a protected species so we should look out for them. This was certainly one opportunistic badger though," she added.

Header image: Ian Usher