In further confirmation that human youngsters aren't the only ones who struggle with coordination, this adorable elephant just can’t seem to get into the swing of things with its trunk.


The video, uploaded by MVP Guiding, shows a family of elephants enjoying a roadside meal. The littlest pachyderm of the bunch, however, is very preoccupied with its unwieldy facial appendage. 

An elephant’s trunk consists of some 40,000 muscles divided into 150,000 units, but the multi-tool doesn't come with instructions. It’s used for pretty much everything, from assisting in eating and breathing, to grabbing and communicating. MVP suggests this little fella may have had an itch he was trying to clear, but it's equally likely that the youngster was just figuring things out.

Contrary to popular belief, elephants don’t actually drink with their trunks. Instead, they use their face hoses to suck up water (up to 2.5 gallons!), which is then emptied into the mouth. But mastering that skill can take months of work and lots of failed attempts. Just look at this little guy: