Meet Edward ... a two-toed sloth with an unusual surrogate mom. Born at ZSL London Zoo about seven weeks ago, the adorable new addition is being hand-reared by zookeeper Kelly-Anne Kelleher with the help of a special stuffed toy. Zoo staff made the decision to step in when the youngster’s mom stopped producing milk and was unable to care for her infant.

The customised sloth-teddy is equipped with carabiners so that it can be hung from a branch allowing the baby to climb on much like he would with his real mom. “I want the baby to use all the muscles that he'd be using if he was on his mother,” Kelleher explains.

Edward (named after Edward Scissorhands) earned his title thanks to his impressive claws. Ed’s claws will grow to four inches in length when he reaches adulthood, and come in handy for climbing through the tree-top branches of a sloth's rainforest habitat.

Playing surrogate mom to a baby sloth can be a time-consuming job. Edward gets bottle-fed every three hours (provided he’s not asleep) and Kelleher keeps a detailed record of pretty much everything he does, from sleeping to eating (even his potty habits are documented). Sloths typically leave their tree-top habitat only once a week to poop, so keeping track of his "movements" is important as it allows his keepers to account for any gain or loss in weight.

In addition to being adorable, Edward is a valuable addition to the European breeding programme for his species.