If you have time for just one dose of animal adorableness today, make it this squee-worthy video of a baby elephant playing with a makeshift soccer ball in South Africa's Greater Kruger Park. 

Dylan Royal, a guide at &Beyond Kirkman’s Kamp and Tengile River Lodge, captured the footage while he was taking visitors on a drive in Sabi Sands Game Reserve. Royal had received word of a leopard in the area and was on the look out for the spotted cat when he came across a herd of elephants peppered across a wooded landscape. "It was not long after we stopped that the smallest calf burst out of the bush, into the road following his soccer ball made of elephant dung," Royal explained to Latest Sightings.

The youngster was so focused on dribbling the dung ball that it didn't even notice the human onlookers. "Young elephants are always up to something interesting and they are always entertaining to watch, but this was certainly one of the cutest and funniest things I’d ever seen or heard of," Royal said.

As if performing for the camera, the calf gave up its game as soon as Royal stopped filming, turning its attention instead to the rest of the herd. "As we drove past the abandoned ball, the little one came bursting and trumpeting out at us, kicking up sand and throwing a bit of a tantrum, until we left the area and his toy alone!" 

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