One day not that long from now, this tiny hatchling will grow up to be one of Australia's largest venomous snakes. But in the meantime, let's pause for a brief awww as this new arrival at The Australian Reptile Park takes its first yawn-like breath:

Such a special moment caught by our head of Reptiles & Venom Billy Collett! One of our brand new, freshly hatched king brown snakes taking its very first breath!!!!

Posted by The Australian Reptile Park on Friday, January 22, 2016


The yawning youngster is a king brown, or mulga, snake (Pseudechis australis), a species that's common across the continent and can reach lengths of over three metres (almost 10 feet). Its first breath was captured on camera by the park's head of reptiles and venom, Billy Collett.

Until recently, these large snakes were thought to give birth to live young, but we now know the species is oviparous, which means all baby king browns emerge from eggs just like this little guy.


ht: Mashable

Top header image: Leo, Flickr