Elephant Struggles To Get Up 2014 07 02

It's pretty unusual to see an elephant lying down. To avoid putting themselves at risk from predators it's believed that the huge mammals may even nap while standing up, and if they do lie down, they don't stay down for very long. However, it seems young elephants don't quite have the stamina of their much bigger family members. This little guy, spotted by a guest at Londolozi Game Reserve, just had to lie down on the roadside for some much needed rest. But when it came time for the herd to move on, getting up proved a bit tricky ... 

We'ill definitely dish out some points for determination here ... after a couple of tries and a bit of encouragement from mom, the young elephant finally managed to get to its feet.

Baby Elephant With Mom 2014 07 02
After struggling to its feet, the young elephant eventually walked off alongside a patient mom.

Story and images: Londolozi Game Reserve