Here’s proof that finding time for a good nap is a challenge for mothers of all species.

In this short clip filmed last week on a ‘Live Safari’ at South Africa’s Djuma private wildlife reserve, an adorable hyena cub has all sorts of sleep-prevention tactics lined up to keep its tired mom awake.

In spotted hyena social structures, females have all the power: even those from the lowest ranks have dominance over the males. The strongest female leads a clan that can number in the dozens.

Although they're highly successful pack hunters, when it comes to raising their young, hyena moms prefer to do things without the help of other clan members – they may even act aggressively if other individuals get too close. Cubs born to high-ranking females are usually stronger and grow up faster as their superior status means better access to food.

Unlike many other carnivore species, the cubs are born with their eyes open and a full set of teeth ... all ready to start harassing mom. In the clip, the youngster’s pestering soon pays off as mom rolls over to allow it to suckle her high-protein milk (not all hyena moms are this tolerant!).

(And in case you were wondering about that licking behaviour at the end of the clip, that's how hyena moms encourage their cubs to defecate. In fact, that’s standard practice for a lot of mammals. Parenting is a tough trip!)