Back in 2011, a crested black macaque on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi snatched a photographer's camera and took a selfie – and launched a copyright battle to rule them all. The infamous who-owns-the-monkey-selfie controversy has been with us ever since, with a US judge ruling just recently that a copyright holder is not something a monkey can be.

Sure, it's setback for simian rights, but macaques the world over are still determined to keep their selfie game strong.

Monkey Selfie Gif 2016 01 19

Patiently biding their time until the day they can register copyrights for intellectual property, these toque macaques in Sri Lanka spent a sunny afternoon at the riverside practising their poses. 

For their impromptu shoot, the troop enlisted the services of photographer and wildlife biologist Alex Braczkowski, who had been working on a camera-trap project in the area. Braczkowski set up a GoPro camera in the water; the monkeys did the rest. 

"This troop of monkeys is notoriously naughty and quite accustomed to humans. I had heard about them and would go to the river each day to watch them playing in the water. Just for some fun, I set up the GoPro to see what I could get on camera," he says. 

What he got is proof that man and monkey can work together in the quest for the perfect selfie.