Inspirational-quote Pinterest finally has its mascot: a bear cub whose determination rivals its inexperience with the perils of gravity. 

Image: Ville Paakkonen, Caters/YouTube

The adorable youngster was spotted by photographer Ville Pääkkönen in the Finnish woods back in 2015, but fear not – there was a reason for this vertical stunt! (You can't let your siblings out-climb you, after all.)

Closer inspection revealed a second and third cub farther up the trunk, and all three were under the watchful eye of mom.

We know that black bears are master climbers, but it's a common misconception that their brown kin can't get off the ground, too. They aren't as well-adapted to the sport as their sooty cousins because their long claws make for an awkward ascent, but even adult brown bears take to the trees. In fact, moms will often head up a trunk to prompt their cubs to follow suit:



Top header image: Shutterstock