Tough week? Let these ocean-loving otters show you how much fun you could be having if you weren't chained to your office desk.

The rare encounter was caught on camera on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa by Matthew Swart, who heads up local travel agency SafariNow. 

"They swam and bounced like amphibious meerkats, large and lopey on land, but playful and safe-at-home in the shore break," he says.

Their webbed feet and remarkably dexterous hands make African clawless otters (Aonyx capensis) efficient predators in their aquatic habitats – and they'll happily hunt in both freshwater and in the sea. Crustaceans, molluscs, frogs, fish and small tortoises are all on the menu. 

"This was a complete treat, a full romp of them in a mood to engage. They were extremely confident and inquisitive; it felt like they were keen to move right up to me," he adds.