Black Blue White Gold Dress 2015 02 27
The image that's been causing all the controversy. What colours do you see? Image © Swiked/Tumblr

Not since Lady Gaga wore a barbecue to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards has a dress caused so much controversy. We assume you’ve all seen it by now – that striped monster that has somehow split the internet into two aggressive camps (if not, you'll find it to your left). Even the online team here at Earth Touch was sucked into the debate (although I’m not really sure why, the dress is quite obviously blue and black). As it turns out, this online war is actually one of primal biology. It has to do with the way human eyes have evolved to see colour and the way our brains perceive objects in a sunlit world.

Caitlin McNeill, who originally posted the image on Tumblr, claims the dress is blue and black ... but try telling that to the folks in the ‘white/gold’ camp. As the debate rages on, you might find yourself sinking into an existential pit of doubt over this demon dress. Is the dress even real? Am I even real? As you reel with despair, we figured you could use some certainty to bring you back down to earth. So ... these ten animals are without a doubt either blue and black or white and gold, not both (except that last one, that’s a perfect blend of all four).

First, the black and blues ... 

Blue Dasher The Dress 2015 02 27
Blue dasher dragonfly. Image © Drriss & Marrionn
Poison Dart Frog The Dress 2015 02 27
Poison dart frog. Image © Alex Bartok
Purple Honeycreeper The Dress 2015 02 27
Honeycreeper. Image © Winfried
Ulysses Butterfly The Dress 2015 02 27
Ulysses butterfly. Image © Jurgen Otto
Chelidonura Varians The Dress 2015 02 27
Sea slug (Chelidonura varians). Image © Bernard DUPONT

Now the white and gold ...

Ardeadoris Egretta The Dress 2015 02 27
Ardeadoris egretta Image © Lakshmi Sawitri
Fiddler Crab The Dress 2015 02 27
Fiddler crab. Image © Denise Chan
Cockatoo The Dress 2015 02 27
Cockatoo (just ignore that black beak). Image © Michael Korcuska
Yellow Goatfish The Dress 2015 02 27
Yellow goatfish. Image © Andreas Metz
Albino Python The Dress 2015 02 27
Albino Burmese python. Image © Ross G. Strachan

And for the grand finale, the perfect blend ...

Chromodoris Annae The Dress 2015 02 27
Nudibranch, Chromodoris annae. Image © Steve Childs

Top header image: Bernard DUPONT