This visual feast from Norwegian artist Andreas Lie is just what you need to get through your Monday bleakness. A digital mixed-media artist, Lie makes use of stock photography to create his dreamlike artworks. Using a subtle gradient, he's able to transpose the spectacular scenic landscapes of his native Norway with the wild animals that call it home, resulting in artworks that are surreal yet stunningly simple. And it’s not surprising that Lie is influenced by his hometown of Bergen - nuzzled in the Norwegian fjords of the Hordaland district, this coastal town is surrounded by forested mountains that are home to an array of wild species. Here's a look at some of Lie's beautiful creations:

Fox 2015 05 06
Bison 2015 05 06
Deer 2015 05 06
Lynx 2015 05 06
Bear Big 2015 05 06
Owl 2015 05 06
Polar Bear 2015 05 06
Red Panda 2015 05 06
Wolf Big 2015 05 06
Wolverine 2015 05 06

Check out Lie’s Instagram profile or Facebook page for more, or if you’re interested in purchasing prints (or even shower curtains!), visit Lie on Society 6.