We just can't resist a bit of animal-inspired art at Earth Touch HQ, and with Halloween just around the bend and the premiere of Earth Touch's Crazy Monster Frogs hitting US screens this evening, what better time than now to share these awesome amphibian illustrations. Created by Danish artist Vladimir Stankovic for our latest film (co-produced with the Smithsonian Channel), these froggy portraits showcase some of the stars of the show in all their epic weirdness.

From see-through skin and Wolverine-style claws to built-in parachutes and even cryogenic abilities, amphibians have developed a range of phenomenal adaptations to help them survive. Crazy Monster Frogs will be on TV screens tonight at 8pm EST (get all the details here), featuring a display of jaws, claws, toxins and other bizarre amphibian adaptations.

Click here for a high-res version of the full poster.

Alien Frog 2014 10 29
Clawed Frog 2014 10 29
Devil Frog 2014 10 29
Flying Frog 2014 10 29
Foam Frog 2014 10 29
Frozen Frog 2014 10 29
Goliath Frog 2014 10 29
Hairy Frog 2014 10 29
Invisible Frog 2014 10 29
Killer Frog 2014 10 29
Poison Frog 2014 10 29
Spiderman Frog 2014 10 29
Vomit Frog 2014 10 29

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