Part beaver, part duck, part cobra (yes, they're venomous!), if there's one creature in the animal kingdom with a serious identity crisis, it's the platypus. But for all their quirks, these strange-looking animals can also be pretty darn adorable. Case in point: this little guy, who was recently released after being found in a storm drain in Queensland, Australia. 

According to the Queensland Rail, the youngster was found by a private security guard while she was performing the nightly rounds near a local station. 

The little platypus, nicknamed "Percy", was then taken to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital to make sure he hadn’t suffered any injuries. Luckily, Percy was given a clean bill (pun very much intended) of health shortly after. He was also given a hefty snack, since platypuses can consume their body weight in food every 24 hours. 

After his check up at the hospital, Percy was released safely back into the wild in a creek near the spot where he was found.

“Impatient to return to the fresh spring water and relax in his new home, Percy ducked his head up in a quick goodbye, before settling in a much more comfortable environment,” the rescue team said. "A sign that he will be perfectly capable of surviving independently in the wild."


Top header image: David Cook, Flickr