Remember "Bigbird"? Early last year, the baby pelican was rescued by staff at a lodge in Tanzania after a storm separated him from the rest of his flock. In the first video instalment of Bigbird’s rescue tale, camp manager Jeffrey Condon takes the young pelican under his wing and teaches him to fly. Bigbird's inaugural flight has since soared to five million views. And now, over a year and half later, we've got part two: fishing lessons!

Great white pelicans (Pelecanus onocrotalus) usually hunt cooperatively, gathering in a horseshoe formation and dipping their bills in the water to scoop out any fish in the area. But when your "flock" is a camp manager in a kayak, hunting strategies need just a little bit of tweaking.

Condon spent many hours in the water with Bigbird, as well as taking him out on his fishing kayak to encourage the rescued bird to catch a meal. The strategy worked and Bigbird finally managed to nab a fish of his very own (if you're watching this in a work environment, try to avoid shouting "yay!" when this happens).

BigBird may still need a bit of help from camp staff before he levels up to fully fledged angler, but let’s hope that in the near future, this pelican will be scooping fish with the best of them.