When you're rolling through the streets, you've gotta watch your back ... you never know when you might have to fend off an aerial attack from a ninja monkey. In this CCTV clip recently uploaded to YouTube channel The Poison Chocolate, a pedestrian winds up on the receiving end of a perfectly executed and (seemingly unprovoked) flying kick from a cheeky monkey.


The details on the video are few, though some reports suggest the footage comes from India. Although we've been unable to confirm this, the country's history of human-monkey conflict makes it a good fit. India's population of roughly 50 million monkeys presents a particularly complex problem, as their natural habitat shrinks and the primates are forced to adapt to an urban setting.

The animals steal food from locals and tourists, spread disease, attack people and occasionally steal files from the Home Ministry. Oh, and in 2007, things took a particularly dark turn when a troop of monkeys attacked the prime minister of Delhi, sending him hurtling out of the first-floor terrace of his home.

Of course, this is not a problem unique to India, and more often than not it's caused by disappearing natural habitats and poor wildlife management. Our best guess is that the star of this viral video was looking to steal some food from the unsuspecting pedestrian (either that, or he's a trained monkey assassin).


Top header image: Eric Parker, Flickr