Editor's note: This video contains imagery that might be disturbing to some viewers. 

With an estimated population of 400 individuals, Sweden's wolves have made a promising comeback since they were claimed locally extinct in the '60s. It's a good start for the wild canines, but it also means an ever-growing increase in human-wildlife conflict in the area.

When local hunter Tommy Berglun noticed his dog, "Klara," went missing, he assumed she'd been kicked by an elk. After searching the nearby area, Berglun found the elkhound injured in the forest. The footage from her harness-cam revealed a different story: Klara had encountered a pair of territorial grey wolves. 

The encounter started off relatively peacefully as the curious animals checked each other out – but when a third dog showed up, things took a turn for the worse. Lucky for Klara, her owner had previously equipped her with a protective vest – something wildlife officials recommend for any domestic dog entering wolf territory.

Because wolves are opportunistic carnivores, they'll eat what is available; in central Sweden, their diets are comprised largely of elk and roe deer. These are the very same species that hunting dogs like Klara are trained to track, and therein lies the problem. Interactions like this have led to controversial wolf culls, and wedged a divide between conservationists and the local hunting community.

We're happy to report that Klara survived the ordeal and is getting stronger by the day. As for the wolves? We hope they can say the same. 


Top header image: Jethro Taylor/Flickr