Every year on the third Friday in May, communities around the world celebrate Endangered Species Day – a key date on the environmental calendar that's dedicated to the protection of threatened wildlife. Started in 2006, the day includes several special events like bird walks, nature hikes, and educational talks and webinars. And we're adding a slate of top-notch viewing from our video-on-demand platform to the list. Grab some popcorn, we've got a line-up of wildlife docs to keep you entertained and informed about the world's threatened species.

Trouble in Lemur Land

‘Trouble in Lemur Land’ follows two men – an American primatologist and a Malagasy conservationist – on their quest to protect Madagascar's endangered silky sifakas, at the same time providing a glimpse into the life of this extraordinarily beautiful and graceful animal.

Wild Dogs: Running with the Pack

Over 160 critically endangered wild dogs inhabit the Save conservancy, but this film focuses on just one of these formidable groups, known as the Pungwe pack. The story begins with the birth of 16 pups. With a lot more mouths to feed, the dogs need to be successful in their hunting endeavours. The film offers a unique perspective of life in the pack as the dogs tackle small plains game as well as taking on targets as big as wildebeest and the seemingly impossible: Cape buffalo.


In 1938, a living, prehistoric relic was discovered. A trawler docked in East London, South Africa with the usual catch of shark, ray and ratfish, found something unusual: a huge purple fish that seemed to have limb-like appendages instead of fins. The discovery of the coelacanth caused a sensation in the scientific world because it is the only living member of a very old group of fish, the Actinistians – sole survivors of a line of development that otherwise became extinct. Dinofish tells the story of a modern-day quest to film these denizens of the deep.

Tiger on the Run

Forced out of his father’s territory by a rogue male, this is the story of Kumal, a young Indian tiger and his remarkable journey to adulthood in the wilds of central India. Time and space are running out, and to continue his legacy, he must find territory of his own as well as a mate. Harassed by local villagers and hampered by his poor hunting skills, Kumal is left on the brink of starvation. He must adapt quickly to a life on his own or his very survival will be at stake.

Walking with Elephants

Steve Bolnick is a zoologist with a passion for walking in the African bush. Through exploring on foot, Bolnick hopes to bring people back to their ancient roots and to help them better understand nature and animal behaviour. Join him on a journey to get up close with the world's largest land mammals.

Gannets – The Wrong Side of the Run

The Cape gannet is an extraordinary predator and has evolved specifically to hunt sardines. But intensive sardine fishing is threatening fish stocks, with devastating consequences for the gannet and other species. Will the gannet adapt to its changing world? Can the sardine stock survive and, in turn, support the wide array of marine predators that rely heavily on it?

Ragged Tooth

The ragged-tooth shark has a formidable reputation – but the truth about this animal is very different. In Ragged Tooth, we follow this incredible shark on its biannual migration along the South African coast and venture deep into underwater caves to study its dramatic mating behaviour.