Before that now famous tickling video secured them a place on the list of the world's most-wanted pets, many of us had never even heard of the adorable, big-eyed primates known as slow lorises. But since then, we've had brushing lorisestiny umbrella-toting lorises and even pole-dancing lorises – and each cute viral video has helped to feed what is now a major pet trade that's putting these Asian primates at risk.

But demand for slow lorises as pets is just one of the threats the animals face. And their undeniable adorableness isn't the only thing that's worth knowing about them. That's why we're spotlighting slow lorises with a fact-packed infographic and a behind-the-scenes visit to two sanctuaries where vets and volunteers spend their days helping rescued and injured lorises recover.

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Slow -Loris -Infographic _2.2