Ever wonder what elephants get up to on a daily basis? Well, wonder no more. Courtesy of a Twitter campaign by charity organisation Space for Giants, you can now follow the antics of four pachyderms as they amble across the Laikipia plains in central Kenya, breaking fences, stealing crops and enjoying all sorts of elephant-sized adventures.

The four bulls are fitted with GPS tracking collars that monitor their movements, providing an insightful glimpse into daily elephant life. Hourly updates provide researchers with information about the elephants' locations and help them better understand the relationship between these massive animals and the human inhabitants they often compete with for territory.


Space for Giants is an international conservation charity, working around the 10,000 km2 (3861 mi2) Laikipia Plateau in north-central Kenya, striving to secure a future for the largest mammals on earth. Having teamed up with UK Newspaper The Independent, the organisation has had support from a bevvy of celebrities including the likes of Stephen Fry, David Cameron and Elton John. 

But who are the tech-savvy elephants embracing the Twitterverse? Meet Kimani, Carlos, Tyson and Evgeny … a pachyderm foursome each with his own unique character traits.

Age: 28-32
Date collared: 13 January 2011

Kimani is an expert fence-breaker. When he was first collared in 2004, he took pleasure in travelling from the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, in central Laikipia, tearing his way through five electrified fences, to reach another conservancy further south. Kimani is one of Space for Giant’s largest and most recognisable elephants.

Age: 25-30
Date collared: 21 June 2013

Carlos is a sociable elephant and is often spotted in the company of older bulls, picking up some valuable skills from the elderly elephants. He's a relatively young bull and has a way to go before he can stand shoulder-to-shouler with his peers. A distinctive, broken tusk makes it easy to pick Carlos out of the herd.

Age: 18-22
Date collared: 24 July 2013

Young, playful and a bit of a mommy's boy, Tyson has a lot of growing up to do. He typically hangs out in the company of a female-led group (which is unusual for an elephant his age). Both Tyson's tusks have broken off … probably a result of his boisterous, playful nature.

Age: 35
Date collared: 13 January 2011

When it comes to breaking fences, Evgeny is often the instigator. Although in his defence, he only does it in the dry season when food is scarce. He's sporting some impressive tusks, but rarely uses them in anger, preferring instead to hang out in the company of seven other bulls.

You can follow Kimani, Carlos, Tyson and Evgeny using the #ElephantsLive hashtag.

Images: Space for Giants