From burrowing worms to glowing jellies, the research crew aboard Nautilus have encountered some really fascinating marine life, but their latest sighting was truly spectacular. Filmed yesterday from a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) below the Gulf of Mexico, this breathtaking encounter with a sperm whale caught the crew completely by surprise. Due to their long dive times and ability to travel great distances underwater, sperm whales are not seen as often as other whale species and it’s rare even for ROVs to encounter these unique animals.

The whale seemed curious and spent some time investigating the glowing ROV, giving the crew a chance to capture some incredible footage, which was broadcast live to captivated Nautilus fans. Sperm whales have been recorded diving as deep as 2,250 metres (7,380 ft) in search of the squid on which they feed, so although the ROV in the video was cruising at an impressive 598 metres (1,962 ft) below the surface, it’s still relatively shallow for this deep diver.

Live broadcasts from Nautilus will continue until April 27th … we’ll definitely be glued to our screens!