TV Production


Earth Touch is an award winning, global factual media production and distribution company. We produce, co-produce and distribute broadcast 4K, HD, 3D, and VR 360 to a variety of co production and sales partners across the globe. The company has infrastructure in South Africa, Washington DC and London. Our current broadcast relationships include:

Nat Geo Wild
National Geographic
Discovery Asia
Discovery Networks


To find out more, please visit our broadcast sales and distribution website.

Earth Touch content spans a number of genres: blue-chip natural history, science and history on one end, and reality driven series and viral internet video on the other. We distribute our own content along with selected premium independent films. Earth Touch’s production is vertically integrated – we are completely self-contained in terms of skills and technology.

Our trophy cabinet includes Emmy, Panda, Naturvision Grand Prix, and numerous other awards. The company is bound by a strong code of ethics and nurtures dynamic research relationships with functioning scientists. Our field partners reflect our commitment to ongoing conservation and research work, and our web offering reveals our devotion to a natural world in flux. Earth Touch skills range from development creativity to bringing home the content and a high level of technical know-how.

Earth Touch USA

At Earth Touch USA we love telling animal and nature stories, with a strong human connection. But our shows and development go far beyond animals and nature into science, archeology, crime, cars, DIY, air safety and the entire human experience.

We are a full-service production company at the forefront of content creation for TV and digital platforms. We specialize in producing innovative, non-fiction programming from development through delivery.

The Guardians series for Animal Planet follows an extraordinary, Long Island NY based, group of ex cons, ex cops, former gang members, military vets, private investigators, concerned  and a dreadlocked, biker veterinarian called Moose, who go to amazing lengths to help animals in bad situations. Polar Bear Town for Smithsonian Channel is a blue-chip reality series following the lives of people in the tiny Canadian outpost of Churchill, where every year 1000 bears migrate through the town with 800 inhabitants and 10,000 tourists.

We know how to make difficult places easy to work in, from the icy wastes of the Canadian Arctic to the crocodile infested swamps of Northern Australia for Monster Week’s Lair of The Killer Crocs. We have also recently filmed in the the Middle East for The Legend Hunter  as well as the Peruvian Amazon and Chile . We’re equally at home in in the big city and the world of showbiz. From Wags To Riches  covered the fantastic world of leading Broadway animal director and trainer Bill Berloni, his family, including 30 dogs along with the Humane Society of New York.

We like to flip the script on people’s perceptions. Coming soon a show about animals that kill and eat sharks! Not the Jaws you know!  Also in the works a colorful company of tiny cabin builders, a celebrity murder show and a car renovation series.

Earth Touch… we cover anything and everything that touches the earth!


Earth Touch has built a reputation on it's technical prowess. We were the first to shoot stereoscopic 3D underwater with a fully self-contained, untethered rig. The company owns and operates Phantom high speed camera technology as well as 4K systems. Every part of the production process is conducted in house, with our own gear – from acquisition to online, 5.1 surround composition, foley and broadcast QC and mastering

Our offices and studios are equipped with state-of-the-art digital edit suites, servers and equipment to ensure that all productions meet the high standard of international broadcasters. Our sound design department is one of the best in the business, with epic musical scores that bring our films to life being composed right here.